AP/V Work while Reducing EMF and RF-Exposure Elsewhere

The production of all this nice footage exposes drone operators to a lot of EMFs and RF pollution. These are increasingly known to carry significant health hazards and should be kept as low as possible — so to reduce that kind of health risk from wireless technologies at least on other occasions, Apple are now offering hard-wired Ethernet connection which is EMF-free! It is now supported on ALL their tablets and devices, up from the tiny and affordable iPod touch 6 to the latest-and-greatest iPad pro & everything in between.

Adaptors are relatively newly available now for both Ligthning-based and the more current models equipped with USB-C. Connection speeds are significantly better with these hard-wired Ethernet connections, too!

Android-based devices were capable of hard-wired Ethernet out of the box up to version 4.4 but have now been stripped of that feature by Google. There are fixes available though, even for current models and today’s latest Android OS versions. Do a quick search for “reverse tethering” and you will find a handful of apps opening up those nowadays surprisingly uptight devices to healthier — and significantly faster and more secure! — cable-based LAN and internet connections.

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