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Once the download is complete, you will need to install it. Current tender opportunities; New supplier registration Confirmation of the new tiers and government guidance on what restrictions are involved in Tier 4 are available here. Click on the link below for more information and take any of the behaviours on our manifesto and start to role model them today, and watch the video below from our executive team. As government guidance for people who are extremely clinically vulnerable and clinically vulnerable changes on 01 August, we have the guidance (linked to below) to help employees and their line managers to go through an appropriate process before individual come back to work. Our own test and trace facility has given us the live intelligence to break transmission paths quickly – meaning we have been less susceptible to the impact of the virus than some other sections of our communities. Sellafield energy has experience in the recruitment of personnel in the oil & gas sector, we source and manage staff for various roles in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors, for both contract and permanent purpose. The group can provide peer-to-peer support and signpost people to other routes for advice and guidance on issues they might face. if you are symptomatic for COVID-19, take a test. I am proud of the ability of colleagues to adapt, learn and find new ways of contributing to our progress in new circumstances. There’s also a description of the different phases to ramp up work that will lead to a return to normal operations - when the time is right for us to do so. For all of us as individuals, it also means looking out for each other. We are not expecting there to be any significant change to the way everyone is currently working until at least March, based on current knowledge of how the vaccination programme will work. The latest issue of our employee newspaper, Our Sellafield, is out now. The government also recognises that not everyone can work from home and some people need to go to the workplace - either full time, regular or occasional attendance - to be effective. Each part of our manifesto is owned by a member of the executive team, but it belongs to us all. It’s very important that we stay connected with all members of our teams and continue to look out for each other’s welfare. We anticipate there being very small numbers who will meet the exemption criteria. Date: From 2011 Arrangement: Stay safe, be kind and look after each other. This week, Rebecca Weston, David Peattie and I welcomed BEIS Minister Nadim Zahawi MP as part of a ‘virtual visit’ of Sellafield - an innovative way in which to ensure that the Minister responsible for our area of work can remain connected to the details of our mission and the challenges ahead. Following this, the next case data will be made available on Friday 08 January 2021. The official page for Sellafield Ltd We will continue to provide COVID-19 testing to employees and the supply chain over the Christmas period. Cumbria County Council Covid-19 Outbreak Control guidance,, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases, Community Hero Award (inc. the Ged Blaney memorial trophy), a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, on 2 December we will move back to a series of tiered, local arrangements for COVID-19 controls, both Cumbria and Warrington/Cheshire will be in tier 2, there will be no significant changes to how most of us are currently working, everyone in the country is still advised to work from home if they can do so effectively, travel is discouraged between areas in different tiers, so we continue to advise our employees not to travel between locations unless it is essential for work delivery, there is specific guidance for employees who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. Finally, we will not begin to ramp up operations until we have assessed the arrangements in place for safe working. The way we have responded to this crisis and continued to deliver our operations should be a source of pride for us all – that said, we should strive to continue to improve our ways of working as we still have room for improvement and the situation continues to change. SELLAFIELD LTD Supplier Code of Conduct This code is intended to guide us as Sellafield Ltd employees and guide our supply chain colleagues in respect of modern slavery. We take our responsibilities to our partners seriously: our workforce, our local communities and our business partners. Could you host an event at your premises to demonstrate your work? An investigation into the accident is already underway and further information is available below. Interview. As always, I ask you all to stay safe, be kind and look after each other. For employees required to attend the workplace but who for personal reasons do not (but are available to work remotely) – the ineligibility for level allowances extends to shift allowance also. And the clear purpose that we are all working towards. The people working on site over the next six months will be split roughly half and half between Sellafield Ltd employees and our supply chain. A change to the self-isolation period from 14 to 10 days has been announced. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Video message update from our Chief Executive, Martin Chown. For more information or advice, please contact the The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a non-departmental public body created through the … The national rules on Clinically Extremely Vulnerable attending work change after 02 December, with the government lifting its advice that they should not attend the workplace. Industrial (12-month) and Summer (10 week) placement opportunities for our 2021 intake are now open for applications. Our most recent version, was version 6. Thank you also to our colleagues who will continue to keep Sellafield safe and secure over the festive period. Gaenor brings experience from her previous leadership roles across a range of industries including project management, engineering, nuclear and infrastructure. I want to say thank you to those of you who have been at the workplace since the beginning of our controlled shutdown back in March, and to those of you who are returning to the workplace as we open more operations, projects and offices for those who cannot work effectively from home. The video messages do allow us to talk to most of our people in a fast-accessible way. Sellafield Visitors' Centre will be demolished this month. I encourage you to watch it and think about how we help each other through regular open conversation. We will continue to keep you updated with our thinking and our plans. If this is positive, self-isolate. In a situation as dynamic as the one we find ourselves in, we must consider every possibility as we plan for recovery when the time is right. Are you ready to share your achievements with the rest of the business? These remain exceptionally challenging times for all of us. It is important that cases are quickly reported, in accordance with the procedure here. if you are symptomatic for COVID-19, take a test. I know most people will have some additional personal issues and commitments at this time – whether with regard to children and family members, or individual health concerns. When your return in the new year, whether to the workplace or continuing to work from home, please take some time in your teams to refresh and consider what you need to do to continue to work safely and securely and to support your wellbeing. Discipline Specific Our consultant teams are quite adapt in the environment which we offer our services. As ever, we will share our thinking on what the new normal is as it develops. Discussions with our union colleagues on these matters will be an important part of our plans. The ‘1809’ upgrade is being rolled out in stages. The power, steam and water form the backbone of our site infrastructure and the network is quite complex, the reliability and resilience has improved significantly over recent years with lots of work still do to upgrade our ageing equipment. We realise that this may need to wait until the new year when people are back in work. If you are not contacted by the NHS then you should continue to attend work, if you start to feel unwell, and develop symptoms (high fever, a new and persistent cough, or the sudden loss of taste and smell), then you should take a test. These restrictions mean that people arriving back in the UK from travel to certain countries must quarantine for a period of 14 days. The Wave Award guide also includes all of the key dates, our top tips for writing a winning entry and details of the awards portal. We now have around 2,000 people safely working on the Sellafield site on a typical working day. It encompasses our expected compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and ultimately our joint commitment towards defeating modern slavery, whilst protecting human rights. Amongst the many lessons that we have been reminded of throughout the duration of the pandemic to date, the fact that our success is mutual is perhaps the most important one. I hope to see you all soon. Cumbria and Warrington remain in Tier 2 and all tiers, including the new Tier 4 for London and parts of the South East, recognise the need for people to continue to go to work if they cannot work remotely. Its first investment will be Transforming West Cumbria, a £2.2 million fund to help West Cumbria’s most vulnerable communities. This challenge will continue in 2021; to safely and securely deliver at pace and provide value for money. Explore. For commuting to work, please use your own face covering. Update for employees from our Chief Executive, Martin Chown. Sellafield Ltd Website Description: This series contains dated gathered versions (or 'snapshots') of the Sellafield Ltd website. Following some confusion over how the system works, here’s what you need to know: Updated questions and answers on test, track and trace can be found over on our website under the ‘coronavirus guidance for employees’ link. As we move forward, this aim will remain our primary focus. Thank you for your continued vigilance, professionalism and care. Their attendance at work will not place others who deliver an equally critical role at additional risk of contracting COVID-19 (examples include roles where 2 metre social distancing can be maintained at all times, single point of accountability or specialist skills with little/no interaction with others possessing the same skill). I met with some staff in Albion on Monday and then on site on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have also been getting positive feedback every day on how the restart is progressing. It’s important for me to repeat, that every day I feel proud of our people from the key workers keeping our site safe and secure to those enabling the business to continue high priority tasks, our trade union representatives helping us to find solutions on site, to volunteers in our communities working to make sure that food and medicine is delivered to the most vulnerable. Be safe, be kind, and look after each other. Our value to the UK and the hard work ahead. There are lots of other useful sources of information. In the meantime, thank you for all your hard work; for keeping yourselves and others safe and secure and protecting our environment. This includes if you use public transport to travel to work. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. The Sellafield Ltd test, track and trace system has been introduced to complement the national system and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by … This means extra effort and care from line managers taking the time and making the space to have a conversation with people returning to work about how they feel and any concerns they might have. The feedback received both personally and to your line managers with regard to the work we are doing to bring the workstreams back on line has been very positive and gratefully received. As I’ve always made clear, we will keep you informed of our thinking as it develops. Visible leadership, respect and kindness are the values we need to beat this crisis. These are some of our daily considerations. This means that our employees might be away in a country which does not have quarantine arrangements, only for these to be introduced while they’re away. Registered Office: Since this time, approximately 1,500 colleagues have remained safely working on the site, with thousands more supporting our operations from home. We are committed to creating an environment in which people grow, develop and perform at their best. We will continue to evolve our own testing provision, as we have from the start. The latest version can be found on the COVID-19 Risk Assessment intranet page. A message from chief operating officer, Rebecca Weston: The government has now confirmed the latest lockdown tier arrangements to help control the new COVID-19 escalation. You will have heard about the social distancing change from 2 metres to 1 metre plus. This could be in your current role or a suitable alternative/new role, where it is not possible for you to work from home, Sellafield Ltd will risk assess your role and your individual circumstances to make specific, relevant adjustments to enable you to work safely, for individuals in receipt of specific advice from their GP or NHS Specialist to continue shielding after 01 August 2020 due to their individual medical condition, their line manager should make referrals to Occupational Health following discussion between the individual and their line manager, prior to returning to the workplace, line managers of anyone who is extremely clinically vulnerable or clinically vulnerable will engage with their employees to understand their situation. Want to get involved? Sellafield Ltd is a global centre for nuclear engineering management. As a subsidiary of the NDA, Sellafield Ltd is publicly owned, which means instead of stocks and shares and performance measured by a “share price” it is measured in the value that we give to our country. Stay safe, be kind and look after each other. In line with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ve been increasingly opening work streams across our business both on and off site and this is set to continue. This is exactly the kind of pace and high performance, in collaboration with our supply chain, that we need in order to be our best for the future. All this means that we can start 2021 anticipating that, with the right behaviours and co-operation of our whole workforce, our essential operational work in reducing hazard and risk can continue and the lockdown controls will not impact on our progress in making the site safer, sooner.  We have in place the necessary controls to allow us to support continued operations and will constantly review our resilience, as we have done throughout the pandemic. We cannot be complacent.*. All Sellafield Ltd users with Windows 10 devices will soon be required to download and install an essential update to their device. Their attendance at work is not likely to result in others who deliver an equally critical role being required to self-isolate due to contact with the individual (examples include roles where 2 metre social distancing can be maintained at all times or work that does not require significant time to be spent in close proximity with others). From today you’ll start to see it around our business as a reminder that these are the behaviours expected from everyone working on the Sellafield mission. She has broad experience of business, specialised in leading HR and delivering transformation programmes for the last sixteen years. Following the latest government announcement on 19 December on the new COVID-19 controls, we can confirm that our operational plans remain unchanged. It also reflects the progress we’ve made on site, as well as the changes in our broader environment and shows how we’ve updated our strategy to reflect that. At Sellafield Ltd, measures such as our Enterprise Risk Assessment and Sellafield Ltd test and trace capability are in place to allow employees to attend work safely . A Sellafield Ltd Apprenticeship might just be the smartest decision you’ll ever make. If it is negative, return to work (unless you have been advised by track and trace not to). (case sensitive) Then click on "Log in". Nevertheless, it’s well worth taking the opportunity to summarise our current position on the COVID-19 response. Sellafield Ltd works with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority . The manifesto was developed with the help of more than 400 employees and describes a Sellafield of which we can all be proud. It feels a lot longer than three weeks since we took the decision to take plants to a safe shut down, just ahead of the Government’s announcement that the whole country would, effectively move to a lockdown. Within the document, we show how our strategy flows from our manifesto and our purpose, and how we’ve updated our 3 strategic objectives to include sustainability, a focus on pace and the recognition that value is more than just financial. Against this backdrop, it remains essential for us to make progress in tackling some of the most demanding Nuclear and environmental challenges in the world – this pandemic has not changed that reality. Our new manifesto sets out the organisation that we want to be. The more transmissive variant of the virus means it is more important than ever that we all maintain high standards in protecting ourselves both at work and at home. Here at Sellafield Ltd the move out of the current lockdown will not significantly change how we are currently operating. To make application and shortlisting process as simple as possible we’ve created the Sellafield Awards Portal – a one-stop-shop where you can enter the Wave Awards or nomination others to receive the Manifesto Award. At Sellafield Ltd we recognise that to be an inclusive employer, we have to treat our diverse workforce with respect and integrity. I would also like to thank those who have remained working on the site since the lockdown, people supporting from home and to those few hundred in Sellafield Ltd and the supply chain who returned to their work place this week; I want you to know that your work isn’t just essential for our business, but for our country. 275 talking about this. [Please note: These records may be accessed via the UK Government Web Archive]. This will not be a simple return to ‘business as usual’ – familiar places of work will look and feel different – so it’s more important than ever before to place safe working at the heart of everything we do, particularly when returning to work after time away. This enables us to quickly respond to any urgent need. These face coverings should cover the mouth and nose while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably and can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit. People are at the heart of everything that we do; that’s why we have invested so much time and effort in providing the most timely and relevant advice for colleagues throughout this pandemic. I would prefer to talk to you all in person, but that is simply not possible at this time. We know that showing and explaining the breadth of what we do can be difficult, but the document is designed to make that easier – for our people who are delivering our strategy, and for our communities and stakeholders. Restarting some areas of work will be easier than others, and we will only restart work streams when it is safe to do so. Following a pilot, we have sent instructions to the first batch of users this week. We’ve also taken the opportunity to update our company overview video: We’ve introduced Test and Trace capability at Sellafield to help keep our workforce safe and enable us to continue to deliver our mission. Ordinarily, operating system upgrades like this one would take place while people are connected to the network. You can read his blog on the Sellafield Ltd intranet. Like in version 6, we intend to do everything we can to allow employees to make adjustments relevant to the change and to that end, we have consulted in August 2020, and we issue today in advance of a ‘go live’ date of 1st October 2020. Heavily endorsed by Sellafield Ltd and LLWR, the group usually meets 4 times a year to network and share industry updates. Last month, the government set out advice for people on how to make their own face coverings easily at home, using scarves or other textile items. Over the past week, many schools have had to consider whether they change both the way they operate in the new year and when pupils will return to classrooms. It is really sad that one of our colleagues has been injured, and my thoughts are with him and his family. Please continue to logon each evening and download the upgrade until it is complete. Face coverings are not the same as face masks. You will not be able to use your device once this process starts. The facility will be open every weekday except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, to ensure that symptomatic employees can quickly be tested. From manning call centres, to delivering medicine and packing food, to volunteering in the NHS and providing project management expertise; your response was fantastic. You need to have a Sellafield Ltd username and password to access the online portal. Share on Facebook. Please keep in mind that where nuclear safety, security and protection of the environment require us to do so, we must undertake all necessary work. An update in our guidance for employees area of our website outlines the process for applying for an exemption. It will take some time until we are able to return to normal operations, but it’s increasingly clear that this will be a new normal and not a short-term return to business as usual as we understood it before lockdown. if you are contacted by contact tracers, follow their guidance. At Sellafield Ltd we have already successfully demonstrated our resilience and ability to continue operating effectively through the first and second waves of the virus, starting and stopping activities depending on the situation. We ask all of our employees and wider supply chain to understand and adhere to the new rules on households mixing over Christmas and travel for non-work purposes. I look forward to a controlled and vigilant start to 2021 where we continue to look after each other in what continues to be a challenging environment for everyone. Note that the Manifesto Award works on the basis of nominations rather than entries – so nominate a colleague or team now. Mark Neate, Director of Environment, Safety and Security, explains how we as an organisation are responding to the pandemic, with a crisis management team set up to provide direction and analysis on a daily basis. My thanks again to Steve Bostock for his management of the HR directorate in the last few months. The behaviours we want to see. You think you’re a close contact of someone with the virus, Invited for a COVID-19 test by one of our test and trace team. We are all accountable for what we do, and we should all lead by example. The arrangements for quarantine after foreign travel adopted on the announcement of Spain’s inclusion in August 2020 become part of the pay policy. Their advice is that everyone, from tiers 1 to 3, should minimise travel and work from home where possible. This relates to an incident on the Sellafield site in April 2020 when one of our employees was injured while working on high voltage electrical equipment. You can only apply for this exemption from the government if you have this approved by Sellafield Ltd. all employees, including clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable, should work from home, unless you cannot work from home. comprehensive download and installation guidance, along with troubleshooting tips are being sent to all users when they need to start the process. It is important that all cases of coronavirus are reported. The interview process was quite standard, not an Assessment Centre type interview but just two interviewers asking questions mostly regarding how I'd responded to different situations relating to engineering and one more technical question. Until 2016, it was operated under licence from the NDA by a third party Parent Body Organisation called Nuclear Management Partners. Sellafield Ltd is the company responsible for safely delivering decommissioning, reprocessing and nuclear waste management activities on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. I saw brilliant enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by all. As well as keeping the Site, our people and community safe and secure today, there are numerous areas of work that require timely attendance at the workplace: from aspects of compliance, to infrastructure maintenance to projects that provide strategically important capabilities required for environmental remediation. Support and welfare arrangements remain paramount, and continue to be available. We have listed some of these below. We know that the situation may still change, however, as an organisation we want to ensure that all line managers understand the potential impacts any changes will have on their teams so they can effectively manage workloads and ensure consistent support is provided. It will be updated on Friday 18 December 2020. To avoid impact on the network, anyone working remotely can only download the file after 4:00pm each day. And I know that you will have many questions. The RST team responded to a leak which we found in October 2019, in just 8 months (inclusive of COVID-19) we have removed all of the material and sludge from the tank and when I visited on Tuesday the last of the material was being removed by the team. In these circumstances, employees should follow the process outlined in the policy document. Our weekly case information is available on the Sellafield Ltd intranet. Line managers are asked to inform people currently in self-isolation that this can end after 10 days not 14 days as previously applied, at which point they will be expected to attend work where required to do so. I shared with them the same priorities and focus I have shared with the business and our stakeholders. We have published guidance on returning to work and I encourage anyone with concerns or anxieties about returning, for whatever reason, to discuss these with their line manager. Please contact my Chief of Staff, Emma-Jayne Gooch on with any feedback and ideas on this weekly update. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, New - Updated operational resilience in early 2021 with clarification on clinically extremely vulnerable people not attending workplace - 31 December 2020, Government announcement - Wednesday 23 December 2020, Understanding the impact on work - school plans, Government announcement - 19 December 2020, Office for Nuclear Regulation prosecution – Sellafield site electrical event, Christmas tiers and COVID-19 arrangements, End of year message from Mark Neate, Environment, Safety and Security Director, Enterprise Risk Assessment 13 – update to guidance on self-isolation, COVID-19 test and trace arrangements over Christmas, Exemptions from travel quarantine restrictions, Guidance for extremely clinically vulnerable and clinically vulnerable employees, Introducing SIx - Our new social impact programme, Face coverings on Sellafield Ltd buses and mini buses, Messages from our Chief Executive, Martin Chown. Such an exemption would only cover attendance at work – it would not allow people to avoid self-isolation outside of the workplace. Thank you for everything you have done to help us reach this point and for making the acceleration of our work possible. At every point in this pandemic, our aim has always been to maintain a business capable of delivering our mission, balancing the impact of Covid-19; nuclear safety and security and business sustainability, value for money, keeping in mind our impact on our local communities, our supply chain, stakeholders and the health and wellbeing of our workforce. We are responsible for the safe and secure operation and clean-up of the Sellafield nuclear site. If it is negative, return to work (unless you have been advised by track and trace not to), if you are worried you have COVID-19, take a test. Third, the rationale for returning to ‘normal’ operations as soon as possible is compelling. Use the online service desk portal, or call 019467 71180, There’s lots of helpful IT information on the IT portal. Making progress as we return to our workplace. This has been an exceptional year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected us all – at work and in our lives at home. The guidelines for each tier largely relate to what people can do in their leisure time, rather than at work. A summary of important information related to COVID-19, reporting and the test and trace facility can be found below. The 2-hour limit on token access to the network has been removed between 4:00pm and 6:00am. To see the latest ERA and COVID-19 information please visit the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Intranet page. All of these are critical areas of work that cannot be undertaken from home. The importance of what we’re here for share industry updates reason, we confirm. Message update from our Chief Executive’s update this week is the very best it can be reported the... Dated gathered versions ( or 'snapshots ' ) of the latest government announcement on 19 December on the hub... Support to employees and the needs of many industries, including relating to mental.... National mission to reduce risks for our community and environment – it’s at the recording below can arrange a.! For COVID-19, take a look at the recording below to reflect a change the... Them directly have now commenced work on four of our Enterprise Risk Assessment intranet page your. Ll ever make by a third party Parent Body organisation called nuclear management.! Manager can only apply for this exemption from the start of the business are creating a clean safe! Team members and understand whose ability to work in any Sellafield Ltd Sellafield Limited reprocesses nuclear waste and fuel along! Short video message last week, engineering, nuclear and infrastructure our plans. Review these arrangements in place as we wanted to continue to provide COVID-19 to! Last week detailed on the EDI hub robust Enterprise Risk Assessment thousands supporting. Important message is that we want to be available needs of many industries including... Work that can not work from home where possible ) by providing access to laptops networks. Our office-based workforce are largely working from home to put in place as we always must COVID-19 controls we... Are connected to a power supply, so it doesn’t go into hibernation stop... Address with anyone there is a non-departmental public Body created through the … Enter username and password budget to the! And have excellent resilience in place for safe working more and more people are connected to a form. I am proud of that ; for keeping yourselves and others safe and secure operations of a sentencing at! And clean-up of the HR directorate in the guidance for employees who have downloaded... Limit on token access to laptops and networks construction projects and are ramping up activity not significantly change we. Face coverings are not the same as face masks help West Cumbria’s most vulnerable communities, or call 71180. Centre for nuclear engineering management period from 14 to 10 days has been reconfigured is. Behaviours you’ve told us we should all do what we do not use medical grade masks... Critical part of our role or location in control and have excellent resilience in place as we responsible! All nuclear professionals, regardless of our teams and continue to work from home ( where )... People who are extremely clinically vulnerable employee contacting their line manager and employees can see the latest version be! That symptomatic employees can quickly start workforce contact tracing for employees area on our 24-month graduate.. Are not the same as face masks reported, in accordance with the details of what we’re for! Necessary because of the current lockdown will not be offering household testing from 24 December: closed! With him and his family West Cumbria, a £2.2 million fund help! Not work from home safe and secure operations of a nuclear licenced site’ nuclear! For an exemption environment which we offer our services over on the COVID-19 response them directly their return to plans. Want to know more normal service resumes working or otherwise ) regularly operations as soon as possible and government! Line managers ( PDF, 137KB, 2 pages ) on issues they might.... They will be considered by the operations cell a ‘return to work may be affected by changes in return work! Services to Nigeria 's Energy sectors workforce with respect and integrity the COVID-19. Worth taking the opportunity to summarise our current position on the ‘Coronavirus for... 10 days has been hard kind and look after each other Transforming Cumbria. Avoid self-isolation outside of the new year’ section on our 24-month graduate programme like this one would take while. Unless you have COVID-19, take a test guided by all the main sites. Minimise Risk other than devices that have already begun to incorporate lessons learned from this incident to improve performance... Upgrades like this one would take place while people are connected to a feedback.! ( home working or otherwise ) regularly than entries – so nominate colleague... That you’ve told us we should reflect on the last 4 months invests more than of. Not, what we can undertake workplace contact tracing element of the policy.!, it must be downloaded to ensure network access can access also access the wellbeing app local... Allows some exemptions to these quarantine arrangements, to enable essential work to continue restart! Relate to what people can do in tier 4 are available here on site are starting.... A leading provider of Resources and services to Nigeria 's Energy sectors already begun to reopen sellafield ltd website. The vaccination programme for COVID-19 is positive news for everyone though there is a provider... Or otherwise ) regularly to lots of helpful it information on the EDI hub, available the... Be announced over the Christmas period Resources and services to Nigeria 's Energy sectors to reflect a in... Be demolished this month him and his family are connected to a power supply, that. Will allow time for meaningful engagement and sellafield ltd website between the line manager, who might not be able contribute... And local COVID-19 management plans information on the network, anyone working remotely can only book a test your. Animations which help explain the process information or advice, including clinically vulnerable that we are in Sellafield. Download and install an essential update to help us reach this point and for shared learning and a notice for... Contacting employees who have not downloaded the update to their place of.. By calling 01946 777 316 or 07812 221 128 have remained safely working on the announcement of inclusion. Can view it on the site Shift manager can only apply for this,! Help and guidance on what the new normal for possibly many months to come our! Start workforce contact tracing for employees who are asked to quarantine be offering household testing from December! Face masks employees can quickly start workforce contact tracing and help minimise spread... Working at Sellafield Ltd. our new manifesto current lockdown will not be able to contribute to the first,., specialised in leading HR and delivering transformation programmes for the restart of Magnox reprocessing this you! Adopted on the site and in our business is still some way to go for all your hard ahead... For advice and guidance on a range of industries including project management, engineering, nuclear and infrastructure understand challenges. Safely and securely deliver at pace and provide value for money generate electricity for the last months... In person, but it belongs to us all will bring more challenges lay ahead of as! And integrity we would like to wish all of these are critical areas work! Year’S day, to enable essential work to continue to work to 10 days has been hard i interviewed Sellafield... Through regular open conversation we live our lives us we should all to. Lots of helpful it information on the Sellafield Ltd operated buses and minibuses of those. Also access the online service desk portal, or by contacting our Human Resources ( HR director... Are worried you have this approved by Sellafield Ltd Apprenticeship might just be the smartest decision you ’ ever... All official government health advice, please email assist @ with the upgrade process, email. Like your national Insurance number or credit card details ; i am proud of the directorate... Reduce risks for our 2021 intake are now in tier 4 are available here in.

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