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Maple wood is extremely hard, which gives this bat a lot of power and durability. If you like this post, make sure to leave a comment. You might spot a pattern here. The company has a reputation for creating baseball bats that deliver optimal performance and are durable at the same time. Refurbished, Blem Baum Bat (White Edition) *NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - Arctic Camo - 27 Inch -3 (Standard Knob) BBCOR APPROVED - We can apply it for you, please pick one below. The famous 3Fusion Connection reduces vibrations and redirects energy back into the barrel to help you hit more home runs without sacrificing your health. Nevertheless this bat feels really similar to the good old wood bats. Given that you always swing the bat in order to hit the ball, the swing weight is much more important than the static weight. The zenith of execution built to flawlessness, this bat is made with a two-piece composite MicroForm barrel, intended for lighter swing weight and greatest pop. So if you consider the quality of the best BBCOR Bats features we hope you will found everything. This baseball bat 2020 feels a lot like a wood bat, because of the stiff one-piece alloy design and the higher swing weight. This article has affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. Wood bats, followed by BBCOR bats, are the most popular baseball bats in 2020 When looking for the best baseball bat, it is important to understand the age … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Don’t worry. The Louisville Slugger 618 Solo is a one-piece, balanced, aluminum alloy, drop 3 bat that comes hot out of the wrapper.As is expected from one-piece bats, the 618 gives stiff, traditional feel and transfers more power to the ball. It helps me continuing this blog. It was not a rocket starting, it was you hitting the ball with this badass baseball bat! BBCOR is a certification that was developed to make the performance of wood bats and non-wood bats comparable. - Ryan W. COMPARE QUICK VIEW Only At $ Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! All of this comes with a hefty price tag which puts them in the league of some medium priced alloy bats. This is a great bat for every situation. With large barrel size, the bat will have substantial contact with the ball. New materials have enormous power while being extremely easy on the player’s body. The Marucci Pro Exclusive MS400 comes with a medium handle, a tapered knob and a large barrel with a large sweet spot. On the upside though, these bats sometimes come with a breakage warranty. made from durable maple, this bat is a great choice for practice. Furthermore this bat comes with a one year warranty. The problem is that wood bats lack durability compared to their metal companions. Baseball bats come in various forms. This means that it is not incredibly durable but has a great feel to it. These bats have everything you can wish for and much more. Of course there is much more to learn about wood bats. Handle with caution! Required fields are marked *. Easton makes a great line of inexpnesive BBCOR Bats. Those bats are some of the best baseball bats 2020 for a reason. The lower this number, the faster the swing speed. The barrel is made out of very durable pro grade maple wood, while the handle is made out of a composite material. See results from … Vapor will be all you leave on the field, after you hit the ball with this beast. These bats are a great choice, if you are on a limited budget. That is all you need to know about this bat. The Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha comes in a variety of sizes and weights. This BBCOR certified bat comes with a one-year warrant from DeMarini and can be used in official games. Still trying to find a way to get an MLB contract like Bryce Harper. You can absolutely buy it if you are a regular player. This video explains all the rules around the BBCOR certification. I am always happy to talk to my readers. A Pro Exklusive bat for the regular player. We tested and reviewed the 2018 BBCOR bat lineup. Marucci also used their famous Bone-Rubbed technique which removes any pores from the outside of the wood. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, do not worry. BBCOR is short of the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.. and non-wood bats which are most often made out of alloy. Last but definitely not least comes the Easton 110 Maple Composite Bat. The super stiff one-piece construction of this bat improves the energy transfer to the ball and makes this bat a home run machine. Thanks for your time! Slightly more expensive than the previously shown bats the best baseball bats 2020 in this category have a price tag of more than 200$. If you plan to play league games with a wood bat though, I would recommend to spend a bit more money on a bat in order to get a more durable and better wood bat for your money. Its microform composite barrel design makes it a perfect choice to hit lighter swing shots with maximum pop. If you can afford it, go for a composite BBCOR baseball bat. This baseball bat 2020 comes in six different sizes to make sure that every player finds his perfect baseball bat for the upcoming season. The budget category. Apart from this, the Chandler CB271A just looks super cool in my opinion. This of course also means that the Mizuno B20 Hot Metal is perfectly legal to use in official games as it is BBCOR certified. Nowadays only bats with a BBCOR certification are allowed to be used in official games. There are no additional costs for you. If you are on a budget I would recommend to check out alloy bats with a BBCOR certification and spend your money on them. This baseball bat 2020 also comes with a Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip for the perfect grip combined with unseen comfort. Otherwise you might get into trouble, if you use a non-certified bat in an official game. Nevertheless I did my best to find great deals for everyone who is not willing to spend a small fortune on his bat. Best BBCOR Bats 2017 With many options to choose from, the best BBCOR bat for 2017 is Louisville’s 617 Solo. The 10 Best BBCOR Bats for 2020 Unlock your potential at the plate with a top-rated BBCOR bat from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Congratulations. The Easton Alpha 360 is made from one-piece ATAC alloy. Best BBCOR Bats 2018 1. Let’s check out the best BBCOR bats up close and see how they look like. It also comes in different sizes, ranging from 31 inches to 34 inches. Nevertheless these bats are incredible which is why I want to tell you about them. The dark and unknown horse of wood baseball bats. They all have different characteristics that influence the way they feel during play. The price-quality-ratio is still incredibly good and you cannot go wrong with a bat from this category. Moreover the maple wood delivers a great pop with very good durability. The DeMarini 2020 The Goods One Piece only comes in three different sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 34 inches. It is just about all the history and nostalgia that a beautiful and handcrafted wood bat represents. 2019 Marucci Cat 8 is one of the best aluminum BBCOR bats and best one piece BBCOR bats and it can also be considered as best yet Cheap BBCOR bat. This flagship model from DeMarini comes with a one-piece construction for the maximum stiffness possible. Louisville Slugger is probably the best known brand for baseball bats. In order to prevent this, BBCOR was developed. First of all this bat features a three-piece design with a patented connection system, called 3FX. Best BBCOR Bats 2020 Easton 2020 Ghost X BBCOR Bat. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'lastbase_run-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',105,'0','0'])); Baseball bats also differ in length and weight. Even if you have the best Bbcor bats at your disposal, the wood bats would test your mettle on the pitch. The Lizard Skins grip provides you with unseen comfort, great hold and perfect comfort. In my opinion these bats are not better than the ones of the sub 200$ category. Made in cooperation with an MLB star, this baseball bat will make you a better player. The DeMarini 2020 The Goods One Piece also comes with the special x14 barrel. This baseball bat 2020 comes in five different sizes and different weights, ranging from 30 inches to 34 inches and 27 ounces to 31 ounces respectively. Make sure to check it out! Manufactured by one of the best known brands in baseball, this baseball bat has been engineered from aerospace-grade alloy, called 5150. The 2019 Rawlings 5150 will continue this tradition as the best BBCOR bat in the Rawlings lineup. 🙂. The Mizuno B20 Hot Metal is one of the new and best baseball bats 2020 from this great brand and it comes with a variety of great features. Nevertheless, I would not recommend buying a wood bat for actual play. I think by now everybody has heard about Mizuno and what kind of baseball equipment they manufacture. Pretty cool huh? If you are only looking for a wood bat to practice with, I would recommend cheaper alternatives. For spoilers, the Marucci POSEY28 BBCOR was a close runner up. Moreover the Hyper-Lite Speed Cap allows for an even faster swing as it reduces air friction. It is a great bat for people on a limited budget that nevertheless want a great quality bat. I've listed the 5 best wood bats that is suitable for senior players and other 5 are suitable for the youth baseball players. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'lastbase_run-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',108,'0','0'])); Most importantly, this bat of course has a BBCOR certification, so you are allowed to use it in official league games. Louisville Slugger WTLBBO5163-33 BBCOR Omaha. Professional players still use wood bats nowadays, in order to not give them an unfair advantage over ex-professional players. Welcome to Baum Bats! If you want to learn more, you should make sure to check out my ultimate baseball bat guide here. This special alloy barrel is built for extra durability and increased pop to give you those few extra yards you need for your home runs. Your email address will not be published. That means, that you need quite some power to swing this beauty. It is just magical. The Louisville Slugger 2020 Vapor baseball bat also comes with a one-year warranty from Louisville Slugger, so you do not have to worry about any small dents, that might occur during that time period. Affiliate Discliamer “ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It is one of the best baseball bats 2020, not only because of this great wood but because of much more. Saving you money over making firewood. Of course all of them are BBCOR certified, so you can use them in every match. Another beautiful Easton maple wood baseball bat. It is a real knowledge bomb! The more expensive the wood bat, the more likely it is made from pro quality maple wood. Bamboo and Maple on the other hand are extremely hard kinds of wood that are super durable but have a dull feel to them. This Maple wood bat comes in 31,32 or 33 inches with a -3 drop weight. This high end Louisville Slugger baseball bat 2020 not only looks futuristic, it also swings like a weapon from the future. This makes the DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Balanced one of the few two-piece bats in this post. Recording metrics like ball exit speed, balance, actual scale weight, and more. Nevertheless they are a great choice of course. This baseball bat 2020 also features 360 Engineering which gives the barrel enormous power and precision, no matter where you make contact with the ball. This bat has a one-year warranty from Rawlings and is suitable for any official league games, given the BBCOR certification. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Of course this high end baseball bat is one of the best baseball bats 2020 and has been handcrafted by Marruci’s bat experts. Interesting fact: Ash wood bats have been used by the game greats like Babe Ruth and many more. It now is longer and flatter, so the contact area has been increased. It is not that easy right? This was developed to decrease vibrations while still keeping a nice, firm and stiff feeling. Wood bats… name one person you know that plays baseball and does not love wood bats. The 5150 alloy bat has been manufactured for nearly a decade now by Rawlings and it is one of the best known bats in the game. … There are lots of different kinds of wood used to manufacture wood bats. On the other hand, a good quality composite bat can cost $500.00, but excellent composite bats can be got for $350 to $400.00. But you should not expect too much from them. This again increases the durability of this bat. Okay first things first: This baseball bat is called “Pro Exclusive”, but this is definitely not the case. It actually decreases the weight compared to a full alloy bat, so it feels even lighter to swing without sacrificing power and feel. The newly designed barrel form helps players hit the baseball with the sweet spot consistently. To get the best of both worlds there are composite wood bats, that fuse different kinds of wood together. The Easton Project 3 is a one-piece baseball bat made from military grade alloy and has a cushioned flex grip, that provides additional comfort. This beauty comes in four different sizes from 31 inches to 34 inches with a -3 drop weight. Combined with the Seismic End Cap, this bat transfers energy to the ball effortlessly and incredibly efficiently. Refurbished, Blem Baum Bat (White Edition) *NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - Arctic Camo - 33.5 Inch -3 (Flared Knob) BBCOR APPROVED - We can apply it for you, please pick one below. Gold Edition Baum (30" to 35") Customizable Maple, Gold Edition Baum (Sizes 30" to 35") Stock Black Maple. A bat best for someone may not be the best for other person. Best Cheap BBCOR Bats. Composite wood bats. It has moreover been equipped with the new ACP Technology, that distributes two inches of ultra rigid carbon composite throughout the barrel. You do not have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a great bat if you check the bats in this category. In contrast, BBCOR bats are typically constructed from aluminum, alloy, composite, or other non-wood materials. You can choose between everything from 29 inches to 34 inches in one inch steps. The Louisville Slugger 2020 is one of the best baseball bats 2020 and is BBCOR certified and suitable for official league play. 2018 Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR Bat – The Best Pick When we are talking about baseball bats, undoubtedly Easton is one of the best baseball bat manufacturers in the world. And as you might have guessed from the name, this bat was developed in cooperation with Andrew McCutchen to be a pitcher’s worst nightmare. This video offers a lot of insight regarding swing weight, if it is hard for you to wrap your head around this metric. The 2020 Rawlings Quatro pro -3 BBCOR bat also boosts focused flex, added a reactive collar between the handle and barrel meet, which extracts vibrations up the handle and barrel drug through the sticking zone of … From my experience their baseball bats are one of the best on the market. A wooden bat of very high quality and good to use in high school baseball costs from $50 – $60 dollars. In my opinion it is better to spend a bit more money than 100$ on a baseball bat 2020. Made from Ash, this baseball bat 2020 is on the softer side of wood bats. The thick and tapered knob helps you to get a firm grip on the bat, while the tapered handle makes this bat maneuverable. It moreover comes with a one year warranty from Louisville Slugger. This means that everything from cutting the wood, carving the bat to buffing the finished baseball bat has been done by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. Thanks for your support! Looking sharp in the black colorway. I will be showing you my favorite baseball bats for 2020. The smaller sizes (up to the 32 inch model) have a more balanced feel to them, while the bigger sizes offer more power through a higher swing weight. If you take a look at the specs, you will definitely understand why this is one of the best baseball bats 2020 and designed for semi-professional players. Refurbished, Blem Baum Bat (White Edition) *NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - Arctic Camo - 34 Inch -3 (Flared Knob) BBCOR APPROVED - We can apply it for you, please pick one below. So, these were some of the best wood baseball bats obviously these are best in our opinion. A major categorization of baseball bats is between wood bats and BBCOR bats. The synthetic leather grip makes sure that you do not lose grip while swinging this great baseball bat. We suggest you take a close look at the Easton S400 or S500 if you want to save a few bucks on a new in wrapper bat. Are BBCOR Composite Bats More Expensive Than Wood Bats? The regulation was made to certify the performance of the combination of baseball bats and made by the NCCA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).. But for now let me tell you some basic knowledge about baseball bats in case you are a beginner and you don’t know much about baseball bats at all. Made from Pro Grade Maple and sporting a 110 pattern, the Easton Pro Maple is a great choice for contact hitters. The Louisville Slugger 2019 BBCOR Baseball Bat is made with 3pc composite design that is connected with a 3FX connection system. Composite bats are very popular that make use of more than one kind of materials for increased durability and performance with the usage of specific materials in different areas of the bat structure. Moreover, stay tuned for my new posts on gloves and much more. 2018 Beast X speed is the alloy variation of the beast range. A new BBCOR bat can be a big investment, so you need to make sure your bat of choice will perform every time you step in the box. This bat comes in four different sizes, ranging from 30 inches to 33 inches with a -3 drop weight. It is available in different sizes from 30 inches to 34 inches, so whatever your age is or your height, you can find this Easton bat for you.

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